Sherry Lou "Creative Artisan" featuring Shattered Glass Designs

Shattered Glass Designs
This technique was inspired by Sherry's passion to repurpose what has been broken and forgotten into something memorable and beautiful.  Protected by a pending patent, the new art forms are "One of a Kind" oil paintings transformed by a trade secret that surpasses mosaics and stained glass.
Oil Paintings
All of Sherry's oil paintings are inspired by her love and passion for the creations that surround her.  Sherry's passion for creation started at a young age through her childhood experiences. Her father being a game warden, Sherry developed this passion by watching and learning about the beauty of natuare.  Her paintings often reflect her past and present memories of how beauty surrounds everything that we do.
Wood Carvings
An award winning wood carver, Sherry has always been mesmerized and inspired by graceful and elegant birds.  Sherry's passion for wood carving was inspired at a young age when she used to sit with her father and watch him carve birds.  All of Sherry's wood carvings have been inspired by milestones that she has experienced throughout her life.

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